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Whether you are looking for a drummer, audio engineer, producer or simply just an interesting person to hang around, David Montuy is always a top choice. Involved in music since he was 12, David has always being passionate about creating the best, most original version of everything he is involved with.

Rock music has served as his main outlet throughout his career. But don't let that mislead you. He studied Orchestral Percussion and Audio Engineering/Music Production in the finest schools of Mexico City; making him an all-around (and somewhat eccentric) musician/producer.

I had the great fortune for David Montuy to call to my studio in Dublin in 2015. When we met it was obvious immediately that this man had the right stuff for being a studio engineer. Within a week he demonstrated his great patience, attention to detail in music and more importantly to clients!! He proved to me what a great musical ear he had and in the best way possible was ever present to confirm if Sonics and Performances were the best that they could be. says Ciarán Byrne, owner/founder  of Cauldron Studios Dublin, Ireland and Grammy and IFTA award winning Sound Engineer.

As member of the Cauldron family, he worked as an assistant engineer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as being the in-house drummer and videographer.  The Waterboys, Celtic Woman, The High Kings, Johnny McEvoy, Damian Wilson, Kate Amesbury, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, Heartbeat Of Home Show and 20th Century Fox movie "Sing Street" are some the names Dave worked with while being in The Cauldron.

Dave's goal is not to record sounds into a tape or computer; Dave's goal is to capture the unique sound of every artist in its most raw form and share it with the rest of the world through his own vision. 


Erick Carbajal

Producer/Co-Founder of Kalm Productions, 2015

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